Sunday, April 7, 2013

Price(y) Birthday Parties

Maggie has been invited to several birthday parties for her classmates at school, where the whole class is invited to parties at the bowling alley or the wave pool. Seems kind of expensive to me, but I haven't really priced it out to see how bad the damage really is to the pocket book.

Anyway, I went along to chaperone Maggie at Maddix's party a couple of weeks ago. It was at the wave pool and a real live Power Ranger came. Maggie thought it was super cool even though she was too shy to go over and give him a high five with the other kids.

Pretty impressive. Its looking like the stakes are pretty high here as far as parties are concerned. And I thought my parties were good if they had cupcakes. 

Do kids have big parties with the whole class invited where you live?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rub a Dub Dub 3 Boys in a Tub

Freddie is doted on by his older siblings. And one of the favorite things about having a baby brother is taking a turn to hold him in the bathtub.

We sure feel lucky to have such sweet and cute boys in our family.

Friday, April 5, 2013

How do you Spell That?

Dan brought home 2 big boxes of old highway sign letters. For family night we cleaned them up and sorted them in alphabetical order.

We can't wait to decorate our house with words and come up with other fun ways to use this haul. Nice find, Dan!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Toothless Wonder

Maggie's front tooth came out a few weeks ago. She got accidentally knocked over on the playground. Her teacher called me because her mouth was bleeding and when we got home we found out that her front tooth that had been loose before was now hanging on by a thread.

Our girl is now toothless. And we think she's super cute.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Little Writer

Once Maggie got a grasp of the alphabet she just started writing--letters, numbers, and soon words. As her writing develops I love reading it and seeing her grow. Here's a bit of her latest school work:

"I feel lucky when I get to see my grandma." 
(My mom was coming that day, I think Maggie was a little excited about it.)

This one made me laugh. "I have Learned to not posh My Bthr." I asked her if it said, "I have learned to not push my brother." She said, "Not push, PUNCH!"

So I guess pushing is still ok.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kindergarten Immunizations Times Two

I can't believe its almost time for Will and Coleman to go to kindergarten! But before I could sign them up we had to head to the doctor's office for shots. Immunizing twins is no joke. Their appointments take forever and then by the time they are both weighed and measured they are pretty ready to just go home.
But there's the shots.

Normally, the first twin gets the shots and starts screaming and the second twin is in an absolute state of terror before the nurse even has their shots ready.

But at our new doctor's office in Price, this nurse was smart. She sent Coleman out in the hall to read stories with another nurse while Will got his shots. Then Cole came bounding in the room unaware of what he was in for. Brilliant.

To celebrate being kindergarten ready and surviving the shots, we stopped for ice cream.

The sad part came a few days later when Will got a big bump at the injection site and had to get antibiotics to combat an infection. He came through it great though and now we have 2 boys ready for school in the fall!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode to Easter Monday

I really like weird holidays. Tiny little orange-bearded men who play tricks and hoard gold? yes. Celebrating skeletons, ghosts, and other dead and creepy things? sign me up. Eating an insane amount of food in recognition of my gratitude? definitely. Throwing buckets of water or dousing girls with perfume at the advent of Easter? why the heck not!?

Easter Monday is my kind of holiday. Hungarians visit their lady friends, recite poetry, and then spritz or douse or drench them in hopes that they will continue to grow and blossom like a flower. Romantic. Sweet. And maybe a little mean (if its done with a bucket). Then the girl repays the male visitor by giving him an Easter Egg dyed red. What great fun. 

In honor of Easter Monday, I've written a little verse:

This perfume sprayed upon your head,
Will be rewarded with an egg that's red.
The moisture spritzed with scented power,
Will make your beauty blossom as a flower.
And you, my dear, must always know,
Easter sprinkling makes the flowers grow.

If you can't come up with a cheesey poem of your own to read to your sweetie on a special holiday like today, you're welcome to borrow mine.

Happy Easter Monday!

Helping Ourselves to a Helping of Helper

In our efforts to get to know our new digs, we've been exploring nearby towns. Helper and a pretty endearing and historic mainstreet with some cool antiques stores. We also stopped in at Marcia's Sammich Shop. It was too early for lunch so we shared a donut, a muffin, a german chocolate cake, and a pecan sticky bun. Quite yummy! And the people were friendly.

I'm looking forward to trying more new places and digging around some more at the antiques shop sometime. Its hard to enjoy yourself in a store with 4 year old twins running around touching things while you're telling them to please not do the things that they are doing.
That's my life.
And that's Helper.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Both of We is Workers Too

When Dan started his job January 7th we were still living in Lehi. He commuted for a couple of days before resigning to the fact that the commute was too horrible to be a real option for our family. We got him a hotel room in Price for a week while we tried to figure out what to do. 

Dan approached the builder of the home in Price we were going to buy and asked him if we could rent the house from him until we could buy it in February. In an answer to our prayers the builder said yes. We moved in. The only problem was that the basement was not yet finished. That was a problem for me because the basement constitutes have of the house; but it wasn't an issue for the boys because they loved waiting at the window every morning for the workers to come.

When the painters, electricians, plumbers, and contractors would come the boys would get those hats on and say, "Both of we is workers too!" I didn't want the boys to be in the way, so I told them not to bother the workers downstairs. "But Mom!" They said urgently, "We have to be downstairs, 'cause we is workers, too!

I've never seen such cute little workers in my life.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Eggs (but no Ham)

Our Americana chickens have started laying! Their eggs are green and so pretty! I love having chickens  and fresh eggs. I'm so grateful we were able to safely transport them here from Lehi, even though they had a breezy ride when the window of the coop blew in on I-15. Luckily my brother Joel who we charged with their transport was smart and able to MacGyver a window replacement with an old tarp and some nails.

We're getting 4 eggs a day now--brown eggs from Sweetie Pie and Goldie and green eggs from Betsy Ross and Dolly Madison (though Cole and Will insist the Americana girls are both named Arthur). 


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